Yep, another one.

Lately I haven’t had time to do much other than think about work.

My work is teaching.

I teach high school.



Teaching consumes most of my time away from school.

If I let it.

At the moment I’ve had to.

Might as well blog about what I do, while I’m thinking about it!

Today a student asked me,

‘Hey Miss, how long have you been teaching for?’

10 years.


Still loving it!

What will you probably read here? Teaching tips, ideas for lessons, ideas about behaviour management. Stuff.

What won’t you read here? Rants. I love my job. Sure there are things outside the classroom going on due to government changes and industrial stuff etc but there’s not much I don’t like about being on the coalface.

What else? This is a BLOG; it’s informal. I’m not really one of ‘those’ English teachers. I make typos and I type too slow for my brain, so I make mistakes. I’m not going to apologise for those – this isn’t make or break like an assignment for my Masters. Obviously grammar trolls are not welcome!

Change of topic goes here…

Yesterday one my students said to me as we worked, ‘Hey Miss, do you know the movie Anchorman? Well you are just like Ron Burgundy but true. I’m kind of a big deal.’ Greatest compliment I’ve ever gotten.

NB: Student quotes are roughly how I remember them.