These are the easiest and most useful things to have.

 They are like huge sticky notes that you can move around your whiteboard, that you can clean off when you need to, or keep forever and a day if you need to.

 They are cheap to make – so you can have quite a few in back up.

 You can write on them before your lesson so you’re fully prepared.

 They are pretty impressive for guests and kids in your room. Especially if you choose cool colours.

 Have I sold you on them yet?

To make your own Mammoth Magnetic Laminated Notes you will need:


 – laminator

– A3 paper in light colours of your choice

– A3 laminating sheets

– scissors

– sticker backed magnets


  1. Turn on laminator
  2. Fold a A3 sheet hot dog style. Cut along the fold – trim a little off the edge.
  3. Place strips within a laminator sheet. Leave room between the strips.
  4. Feed through laminator.
  5. Rub face along warm plastic. 
  6. Cut between the strips.
  7. Place uncut A3 sheet within a laminator sheet.
  8. Feed through laminator.
  9. Rub face along warm plastic.
  10. Peel off waxy paper from a few magnets and place onto corners.  The strips will only need a magnet in the top corners. The A3 sheet will probably need one in all four corners. 
  11. Repeat steps 2-9 for as many Mammoth Magnetic Laminated Notes you need.
  12. To use the notes – write on them with whiteboard markers.  After the writing dries it does become harder to rub off so you may have to use a bit of whiteboard cleaning spray.

Mammoth magnetic laminated notes in action