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I love to teach theme and rheme. In fact, before this particular English class yesterday, I was telling my principal that I was going off to teach theme and rheme – I performed a fist pump into the air all rock star like. Errr… he may think I’m a little nusto.

Intro to theme and rheme

I begin the lesson by handing out sticky notes. Sticky notes feature heavily in my classroom. They make learning fun – the colours, the shapes, the fun!!!

Each kids gets 2.

They need to write a noun on each.

They give them back and are given 2 other random notes.

I demonstrate what I want using my mammoth magnetic laminated notes. Basically I write a sentence with one of the nouns in theme; the other somewhere in rheme and then I swap them around and write another sentence.

Cue hilarity, because someone always writes booger and someone always writes my name.  I usually pair them up… so we get…

Miss Pamela eat boogers.

Boogers are eaten by Miss Pamela.

Yep, that’s right. I eat boogers.

I then hand out the theme and rheme info slips, which they glue in. We read and then I demonstrate how to find the theme. The kids find the theme in their own sentences.

To finish up we share some quality (funny) sentences using the document camera.

You can use my info slips.

Theme and rheme poster and slips

This really is a fun intro lesson to a possibly difficult subject. It gives kids confidence that they can do this stuff and they enjoy learning about grammar, so much so that I get asked if we can do it again.
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