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Monitoring has not always been a strong point in my teaching.

I was schooled by mostly ‘bucket’ teachers I guess and so when I started teaching that’s how I taught.  I would fill my kid’s buckets with information and hopefully at the end of term when it can to assessment they could empty the buckets out and show me how much they retained.  This obviously didn’t work well so I quickly adapted.  I still don’t understand how I did so well at school with some of the caliber of my teachers.  I have a shocking memory.

I have tried heaps of ways (and still use heaps) to get feedback on how kids are doing before their assessment but I thought I would start with one I use at the moment.


My other teaching area is very practical and hands on so checklists are something I’m all over.  I have sat at assessment moderating meetings with other teachers in the state though that don’t use checklists so as soon as they see my samples they are like, gotto get me somo that!

This is the current checklist that I am using in English.  I don’t fill it in in front of the kids.  Once we complete a task that I want to record, I will work my way around to every kid in the class – look over what they have done – and sign their work.  This signing every kids’ work is a new thing in our school and not something that I’m aces at yet – I keep forgetting. Shocking memory.

After the lesson, I quickly tick away where the kids are at – it’s easy to remember the kids that struggled and easy to remember the kids that were successful. Everyone else was suitable. If you can’t remember then write initials on sticky notes as you wander around the class.

It’s not exactly pretty but it gets the job done.

For notes, I might write what adjustments I’m going to make for them.

monitoring checklist

You can have a copy!

So where do I store this finished checklist? Well, in the past I’ve kept it on my (messy) desk or in my assessment tidy tray. I don’t file very well. I’m working on it.

This idea came from a friend but haven’t put it into practice – yet.  Basically you get a display folder, label each slip a kids’ name and keep a few for whole class checklists. Bam! Filing done!

I’ve made up some front pages to laminate and tape down onto the front of my folders…

ImageI made them up for my each of my classes and used a different colour scheme for each one.  I got the awesome background images from GreatGraphics. Seriously, you need to check out her shop because there are some great backgrounds and she is amazingly quick to get back to you. Go, go and make your stuff pretty – but in a high school way and not in a baby primary school way…