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I really like this lesson.  There are two good reasons for doing it.

  1. For some reason, kids seem to think that verbs are ‘doing words’ only. Like ‘jumping’ or ‘kicking’.  A well meaning primary school teacher teaches them this, and it forms a very strong neural path. It’s hard to break it. So you have to give them something memorable to do it.
  2. Students love eating in class. Our state has limited the number of unhealthy foods we can give kids but seriously this isn’t going to affect their nutritional needs too much.

You will need

  • something that contains some wisdom about relating verbs – you might call them something else like linking verbs or even use the term processes. I’m not going into the specifics here for you – just Google it. You may like to use my brochure that I’m using for the first time tomorrow. Click here. Photocopy onto neon coloured paper. The list of verbs comes from Gerot & Wignell, ‘Making Sense of Functional Grammer’
  • Fortune cookies


Start your lesson – get them excited about it – tell them they are going to eat.

Get through relating verb information.

Handout fortune cookies.

Kids open and read fortunes.

Kids eat cookies.

Students identify relating verbs in fortunes.

Students share fortune and the relating verb to the class or small group.

If there isn’t a relating verb – they can id the other type.

Debrief the students.


I came across this lesson eons of years ago – so I have no idea who came up with it, all I can say is that I took the idea of the fortune cookies and ran with it.


It’s also interesting to note how many students have never had a fortune cookie before.