Opps, I forgot.

I told you I had some memory issues.

Plus life got really busy! I’m serious, so real (cereal) like a box of Rice Bubbles. That cracks my kids up all the time, really breaks the tension.


So,,, what can I share with you today? Something worth the how many months of awaiting my return?


This is going to blow your mind. It blew mine and it is something so simple.

It’s for when you want to check in with your kids, like say how they feel about their assignment, or how happy they are with a decision.


 You get them to put their hand up and hold up fingers: 1 finger is not so happy all the way through to 5 super confident… or whatever your scale is going to be.


Count down to five and get them all to do it at once, and very quickly scan the room. It will tell you exactly what you need to know. But do it quickly before peer pressure starts to alter the results.  Also do it quickly so ‘that’ boy doesn’t start giving out a free finger. You know that one I’m talking about.


This came from Anne Todd at the 2012 SWPBS Qld Conference.